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Manchester Futsal Club Youth Academy is a leading youth futsal programme in the UK for players aged 6 to 16 years. Our Youth Programme has a range of developmental opportunities for players to receive quality assured futsal coaching in a professional and safe learning environment.


We are passionate about delivering a player-centred and well-rounded futsal education programme that will support the development of each young person that has the ambition of playing futsal at the highest level. Our aim will always be to help players grow as creative and healthy individuals. 

Our success is built upon a dedication to promote the enjoyment and love of playing futsal as well as developing young players that are dedicated to following a futsal player pathway. In doing so, the club will always aim to be a positive influence on players who aspire to represent Manchester Futsal Club and the city at national and international level.

Our programme has been developed on the foundations laid over the last 15 years of developing Manchester Futsal Club as one of the leading futsal clubs in the UK. The programme will be delivered by our experienced team of qualified coaches who can educate different age groups, draw upon their insight and knowledge of playing futsal at the highest level and take players on a positive journey with the club. 





Ilya's role as the person responsible for the Manchester Futsal Club Youth Programme is crucial in developing young players and creating a comprehensive pathway for their development. With his background and experience in futsal, Ilya brings a unique perspective to the club.

Having played futsal since the age of 8 in his home country of Russia, Ilya developed a strong passion for the sport. When he moved to Manchester, he played a vital role in establishing  and creating Manchester futsal club. His experience as a former No.7 player for the club indicates his deep understanding of the game and the club's values.

Given his journey within the Manchester Futsal Club, Ilya possesses firsthand knowledge of the different levels of the game and understands the challenges and opportunities young players may encounter. This insight allows him to guide and inspire the new generation of players in their pursuit of representing Manchester.

Ilya's primary focus is to ensure that the youth program provides a comprehensive development pathway for aspiring players.  By offering a well-rounded approach, Ilya aims to prepare the young players to represent Manchester at the highest levels.

Under Ilya's leadership, the Manchester Futsal Club Youth Programme aims to foster a positive and supportive environment where young players can thrive and reach their full potential. By instilling a strong work ethic, dedication, and a love for the game, Ilya strives to shape the next generation of talented futsal players who will proudly represent Manchester on the court.




Sam, a proud Mancunian, is an iconic figure in English Futsal, renowned as the all-time leading goal scorer for Manchester Futsal Club. With a remarkable playing career and a deep commitment to nurturing young talent, Sam's impact extends far beyond the court.

Balancing his playing career with Manchester Futsal Club, Sam showcases his exceptional skills and tactical acumen in the fast-paced game of futsal. This unique experience grants him valuable insights that he readily transfers to the next generation of aspiring players, ensuring a continuous cycle of growth and development.

Sam's coaching philosophy revolves around empowering players to fulfill their potential. His passion lies in mentoring each individual, recognising their strengths, and guiding their progression into the Development and Senior teams. His dedication to player development not only enhances their technical and tactical abilities but also fosters a strong character and a winning mentality.

As a mentor, Sam is highly regarded for his ability to instill confidence and inspire players to overcome challenges. He understands the importance of personalised guidance and tailors his coaching approach to suit the needs of each player. Through a combination of technical training, tactical knowledge, and motivational support, Sam creates an environment that allows players to thrive and reach new heights in their careers.

Sam's influence extends far beyond the court, as he continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of young players, helping them realise their dreams and become the best versions of themselves. His legacy as a goal scorer and mentor will forever be etched in the history of Manchester Futsal Club, shaping the future of the sport in the city.


FA Futsal Level 1, FA Futsal Level 2 & UEFA B Futsal. 

FA Football Level 1, FA Football Level 2 and FA Youth Awards Modules.

FA Level 1 & 2 Futsal Tutor.

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    HEAD OF COACHING U8's - U16's

King, hailing from the streets of Amsterdam and now making his mark in Manchester. This Surinamese-born Dutch raised maestro has become a force to be reckoned with in English Futsal, earning a reputation as one of the most feared players on the court. But for the aspiring players under his guidance, he is a figure they aspire to emulate, a mentor who ignites their passion for the game.

Kingy's journey began on the vibrant streets of Amsterdam, where he honed his exceptional skills and mastered the art of futsal. His move to Manchester brought his talent to a new level, captivating audiences with his electrifying energy and unmatched excitement on the court. It is this infectious passion that inspires our youngest players at Manchester Futsal Club, igniting their love for the game.

With a profound dedication to coaching and developing young talent, Kingy brings a wealth of experience to his role. Having spent eight years at Manchester United, working with elite players, he possesses a deep understanding of what it takes to excel at the highest level. He places a strong emphasis on the holistic development of players, valuing their growth as individuals alongside their skills on the court.

For Kingy, the player and the human come first. His coaching philosophy centers around empowering young players, instilling in them the belief that they can achieve greatness. His individualised approach ensures that each player receives the attention and guidance they need to compete at the highest level in futsal. Kingy recognises that to create well-rounded players, their physical, technical, and mental abilities must be nurtured in tandem.

At Manchester Futsal Club, creating an environment where players can enjoy the game and strive for excellence is of paramount importance to Kingy. His motto, "be aggressive and expressive," epitomises the style of play he encourages, encouraging players to attack with ferocity and express their creativity on the court.

Beyond his exceptional coaching abilities, Kingy is admired for his ability to connect with young players on a personal level. He is a mentor, a guide, and a source of inspiration, fueling their aspirations and fostering their love for futsal.

In the hands of Kingy, the future of Manchester Futsal Club shines bright. His dedication, experience, and unwavering passion make him an invaluable asset to the club and a beacon of hope for aspiring players, as he continues to shape the next generation of futsal stars.


FA Futsal Level 1,  FA Futsal Level 2.

FA Football Level 1, FA Football Level 2, FA Youth Awards Modules & UEFA B Football .

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