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Friday Nights for Futsal: Manchester Futsal Youth League Paves the Way for Player Development

Friday nights at the National Cycling Centre have taken on a new meaning with the launch of the Manchester Futsal Youth League, welcoming teams from under 8's to under 14's to the world of futsal. Led by Simon Wright and Jan Krumins, this league represents a cornerstone in player development, offering both players and coaches a platform to thrive.

"At our academy, we prioritise providing our players with opportunities to experience the thrill of regular games ," states Academy Director Ilya Ovechkin. "Participating in the Manchester Futsal Youth League not only allows our players to develop but also to fall in love in futsal and enjoy the games."

Simon Wright and Jan Krumins echo this sentiment, emphasising the league's role in providing game opportunities for grassroots teams and those interested in exploring the world of futsal. "Friday night is for futsal," they declare, highlighting the league's commitment to making the sport accessible and enjoyable for all.

The unique structure of the league reflects this commitment, with age groups alternating on a fortnightly basis. This ensures that teams can participate without the burden of a significant time commitment, making it easier for satellite clubs and grassroots teams to get involved.

"Our aim is to grow futsal in the city and provide playing opportunities for all teams involved," explains Jan Krumins. "By offering a flexible and inclusive platform, we hope to inspire a new generation of futsal enthusiasts."

For the Manchester Futsal Academy, the league serves as a vital stepping stone in player development, with many progressing to represent the first team and even their respective national squads. "The league provides a crucial pathway for our players' development," affirms Ovechkin.

To stay updated on the latest fixtures and developments within the Manchester Futsal Youth League, visit and your team can be part of the futsal movement!

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