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Manchester Futsal Club Youth Academy: Nurturing Talent, Building a Family

At Manchester Futsal Club Youth Academy, our mission goes beyond just producing talented players. We're all about fostering a sense of community and providing opportunities to develop, both on and off the court. Take Tomas Uniatowicz, for instance. He's been with us since he was a U9's, climbing the ranks to the first team and now passing on his knowledge as a coach. In a recent interview with MFCTV, Uniatowicz highlighted the family-like atmosphere at Manchester Futsal Club and the numerous opportunities available for players to get involved, not just in playing, but also in coaching and various other aspects of the club. It's like a family, and we've known each other for a long time. Ilya and Kingy used to coach me, and they are like my big brothers.

But Uniatowicz's story is just the beginning. We have other youth academy players-turned-coaches like Alex Edmend, Frankie Machin, and Lewis Lambkin who are actively contributing to the academy's setup whilst playing for our Development team. Even more experienced first-team players like Uriel Araujo and Raphe Barber are lending their expertise to coaching.

The club ethos is built on developing both players and coaches, ensuring that everyone has a chance to contribute to the club's success. Jake Barnes, another notable figure, not only plays in our first team but also coaches at MFC Cheadle and runs a Futsal Centre in Salford, showcasing the depth of talent and commitment within our youth set up.

Academy Director Ilya Ovechkin sees the academy as the heartbeat of the club, emphasising the importance of not only developing youth players but also nurturing coaches and staff to drive the club forward. Ovechkin prioritises character when selecting players and coaches, focusing on finding individuals who embody the values of the club.

Under the guidance of Raducio King, our Head of Coaching, the academy instills a philosophy of self-expression, competition, and confidence on the ball. This approach prepares players for the challenges of reaching the first team, ensuring they are ready to face any obstacle that comes their way. It's worth noting that our program provides a platform not only for futsal players but also for football players, as we are a club that welcomes everyone.

The sense of camaraderie and mutual support is apparent at Manchester Futsal Club Youth Academy. We have a diverse mix of grassroots and academy players who are constantly learning from each other and pushing each other to improve. Ovechkin stresses the importance of enjoyment and a family atmosphere, recognising that these elements are crucial for the overall development and success of the club.

Looking ahead, we're excited to provide even more opportunities for our youth players to get involved in coaching through programs like the Duke of Edinburgh. As we welcome more players into our academy, we're not just nurturing talent; we're building something special within our club.

Ultimately, having our own people driving the club forward is what sets us apart and ensures a bright future for Manchester Futsal Club. Additionally, Amari Moses, Evias Cambell, and Mekhi McLeod, U15's/U16's players, will be undertaking work experience with the club, further enriching their learning and contributing to the club's vibrant community.

Don't miss our latest episode on MFCTV, featuring Tomas Uniatowicz and Uriel Araujo. They discuss the Manchester Futsal Club Youth Pathways and share their experiences of being part of our club. It's a must-watch insight into the inclusive and supportive environment we've built at Manchester Futsal Club Youth Academy.

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