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Barcelona Futsal Tour Success

In February, Manchester Futsal Club received an exciting invitation from United Futsal, setting the stage for an unforgettable journey. Led by Co-founder Ilya Ovechkin and Academy Director, the club embarked on a transformative experience in Barcelona. This collaboration promised more than just futsal training and matches; it was an opportunity to foster international friendships and showcase the club's talent on a european stage.

According to Ovechkin, the trip represented a significant milestone: "This journey is about more than just playing futsal. It's an opportunity for Manchester Futsal Club to establish itself as a prominent figure in European futsal."

Teaming up with United Futsal from USA added another layer of excitement. Ovechkin highlighted the cultural exchange aspect, saying, "This collaboration gave our players a chance to meet new people, learn about different cultures, and play against some top oppositions from Spain and the USA."

However, what truly set this tour apart was the inclusive approach. Ovechkin emphasised, "We wanted everyone in the club to feel like they were part of something big. Bringing along our youth coaches and first-team players was a deliberate move to build togetherness and provide mentorship across all levels."

As the Manchester Futsal Club Youth Academy set foot in Barcelona in February, they carried not just their love for the game but also a sense of ambition. This journey was not just about competing; it was about building lasting connections and shaping the future of the club.

As the sounds of futsal balls and cheers echoed through Barcelona, Manchester Futsal Club's presence was felt on and off the court. This collaboration with United Futsal marked the beginning of a new chapter in the club's journey in the pursuit of excellence in European futsal. Moving forward.

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